Do the storage systems ensure that the quality of the products are intact?
•100% of our inventory is kept in our warehouse. In proper containers and spaces and are personally checked before delivery.

What measures does Kim’s Closet take to ensure the products are not damaged during delivery?
•To ensure your products remain undamaged during the shipping process, we package our products in boxes, which are covered in plastic layers. Each individual product is then packaged in bubble wrap while fragile items like bottles are safely secured with additional bubble wrap. Also, we completely check the products before delivering them to you, so no product will be exchanged or the money will be refunded if found broken after delivery.

What about Warranty and Benefit claims of the Products?
•We are a retailer and not the manufacturer of the products sold on our website. We cannot undertake the responsibility for the claims of warranty and benefits made by the manufacturer. In case of a reaction we shall not be held responsible in anyway (read terms and conditions for further details)

Are there any shipping charges applicable on my order?
•Shipping charges vary from place to place.
•Your shipping charge will be mentioned to you at the point of confirming your order.
•For people living in and around Panaji the shipping is free and most probably will be delivered in one day.
•For people living elsewhere there will be shipping charges according to the location and the delivery would take at least 4-6 business days.

How does the delivery process work?
•As we are in the initial phase of building the website, it is only serving as a Database in order for our customers to view the products of their choice in detail. Kim’s Closet only takes orders via Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. We promise you it’s going to get better over time. Kim’s Closet is initially created for database purpose only so that you can have a better look at your favourite products. You will either have to give us the product code or send us a screenshot of the item(s) you want to purchase on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. We will confirm the delivery and all the other details related to it via a the same conversation.

What is the estimated delivery time?
•The estimated delivery time depends on your location and will be told to you at the time of confirming your order Delivery in Panaji and around will not take more than two business days.

Free Delivery In and around Panjim